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Nell Frewin-Hays, PGA / LPGA Professional

"Nobody ever told me THAT before!!"

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Q: Why do I hit behind the ball?
A:The club always hits the ground nearest the foot with the most weight on it, thus if you're hitting behind the ball you're not shifting your weight propertly.

Q: How can I get more distance?
A:In order for the ball to go farther, the clubhead must be travelling faster, or you must contact the ball more in the center of the club. To increase clubhead speed, most players need to set better angles in their swings and release those angles more efficiently. To strike the ball more in the center of the clubhead, typically better posture would be a good place to start. The design of your clubhead can also minimize the damage of off center hits.

Q: I am a beginning golfer and I seem to hit all the clubs the same distance. Aren't they supposed to go different lengths?
A:Shorter clubs are usually easier to hit when you first begin to play golf. As you progress through the set and the clus increase in length, it is more difficult to hit the ball as well. Those off center hits are making the ball go the same distance as the "on center" hits with shorter clubs. As you get better, you will see that the clubs will go slightly different lengths.

Q: How do I know if my clubs fit me correctly?
A:Having a qualified professional, like me, look at your swing pattern will tell us if you have the right equipment. You may be asked to hit shots off a "lie board" and we evaluate where your clubhead strikes the ground, and where on the face of the club that you are hitting the ball. Shaft flex and material is evaluated by checking the launch angles and ball flight shape.

Q: I am right handed - why does my ball go to the right?
A:You are hitting the ball with the clubface open, or facing to the right of the path that you are swinging on. Your hand placement may be the culprit, or you may not be releasing the club properly through impact.

Q: I keep topping the ball - I'm trying to keep my head down but it just seems to get worse!
A:You have a center of gravity issue, not a head down problem. Keeping your head still often causes players to move ahead of the ball through the backswing and will indeed make the problem worse. Check your ball position at address, and then evaluate your weight shift back and through the shot. Address posture can also have an effect on the ability to strike the ball correctly. Be sure you are standing tall enough at address!